Isla Rose 6 Months

How do they go from this to the photo below? Six months have passed and my heart is broken that the sweet little tiny baby has grown at lightspeed pace to the sweet chunky babe who is sitting up and starting to talk? She is now closer to one then she is a newborn and I could cry as I type this. I have said this many times but this girl is truly our sunshine. She makes us all so happy and I am not sure why we waited so long to have her. Brayden loves her and that brings me so much joy. So thankful for these sisters.
17 Pounds 13 Ounces (72nd percentile)
26 Inches Long (52nd percentile)

Six months of breastfeeding and still going strong. Isla is eating about every three hours on the dot but sometimes eats a litter sooner with teething. I honestly have not started solids yet and I do not know when I will. With the holidays and traveling coming up I just do not want to start it. It is honestly my least favorite stage of raising littles. I will probably start when we get back from Thanksgiving. My hope is to make all of her food just like I did with Brayden. I started solids with Bray at eight months and she eats better than most adults I know so that is my plan with Isla. 

The first half of the month was hard because Isla was still not sleeping well and I was not either. She was napping well but would wake up at 11pm, 2am, 5am, and 8am. I am not one of those people who fall asleep easily and it takes me about an hour to fall asleep again so you can imagine how much sleep I was getting. I was going a little bit crazy. Kurt started going in there instead of me to settle her back down and she stopped waking up within a week. She now goes to sleep around 7:30pm and sleeps until about 5am to eat and then back down till 8am. She takes three one hour naps during the day if we are home. If we are out running around she will take little cat naps in the carrier and sometimes in the car seat. She sleeps in her Nest Been Sleep Sack and smiles so big when I pull it out before putting her to sleep. I am not sure how we will ever break her from it. 
We officially have a sitter. She finally stopped hating it halfway through the month and as soon as she figured out she could sit up she started loving playtime. I pulled a lot of Bray's old baby toys out and she is all about stacking rings. She loves any toys she can put in her mouth. She also loves to throw toys on restaurant floors. She loves dance parties with her sister and loves when daddy is silly with her. 

When mama leaves the room
Teething (I agree with ya sister)
Shoes and most socks--kicks them off immediately so winter will be fun
When she has not been held for about an hour
Sitting through big sisters gymnastics class
Not knowing how to crawl

Smiles so big when I re-enter a room
Went to GiGis house
Finally rolled onto her tummy 
Rolls all over the house now. Probably will just skip crawling all together
Hangs out in the crib for about ten minutes before she's mad that you have not picked her up yet
Still prefers to stand over sitting
Tries to sit up by crunching
Known as the "Chill Baby"
Found out she can stick her feet in her mouth and thinks its the best
First Cold--not fun at all
Giggles so hard when I get her neck
Working on teething and they are almost there
Visited several pumpkin patches
Picked out pumpkins and carved them
Being held or carried--She has spent most of her first six months in a baby carrier and I am so thankful for them.
Loves to eat her fingers 
Spin in her exersaucer
Drools constantly which is so fun with her neck rolls
Recognizes her name when you call it
Said "mama" once
Said "bahbah" and "da"
Always reaching for mama no matter who has her
Started experiencing stranger danger
Took her first sister bath and loves it
Wearing 6-12 month clothes and size 2 diapers (time to move up)

Six Month Photo Dump

Ugh, give me one more baby girl please! Please send me your tips on convincing my husband.

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