Islas Nursery

I am so excited to finally share Isla's nursery. This room is completely different than my original vision but I love it even more. 
 Pink and floral were my inspiration and I spent months looking for the perfect sheet to set up the room. Once I found that I was able to pick colors and paint and start putting things together.
Did you know that picking the perfect pink is actually very difficult?
 Her dollhouse bookshelf was made by my friend's husband with some help from Kurt as a gift for Isla and I know she will cherish that for a long time. Both girls really love it and I cannot wait to see them use it over the years. It will be something we hold onto to share with our girls' children down the road. Thanks Steve & Becca!
 Those moccasins were the first thing I bought when we found out we were having a baby. The pair on the right were her sisters and the pair on the left were a gift from her Gigi.

All we have left to do is finish having her newborn pictures printed and hung and her room will be complete.

Photography by the ever so talented: Emma Loo Photography

Sheets and Changing Pad: ByGeorgeBabyBoutique
Crib & Dresser: Ikea
Floral I: BegoniaRoseCo
I love you forever canvas: The Blushing Script
Caligraphy Isla Rose: GreatThouArt
Personalize Bundle: Magnolia Storks and More
Rainbow Stacker: shopsunshineandpine
Crib Skirt: Pottery Barn Kids
Paint Color: Ballet Slippers-Valspar


Isla Rose 1 Month

One Month
How is it possible that I am writing your one month update? I will without a doubt say this was the fastest month of our lives. They always say it goes faster with your second and I truly believe that. We are coming out of that newborn haze and I am really starting to learn who you are. 
Stats at 1 Month
Birth Weight: 7 pounds and 7 ounces
1 Month: 9 pounds and 10 ounces (55th percentile)
Birth Height: 20.25 inches
1 Month: 21.50 inches (62nd percentile)

I have called you a nursing champ a million times. Your sister was not a fan for the first two months of life and I exclusively pumped during that time. With you, I prayed and prayed for this to be an easier process this time and thankfully you have been wonderful with it from the start. You dropped down below your weight at your first doctor's appointment but since then you have put on two pounds in one month. At your two week appointment, your doctor told me to stop waking you to feed at night and I was so thankful. 

 You have been on a great sleep routine sine you were born. I think it has something to do with you being born during the day instead of the wee hours of the morning. You did not have your days and night mixed up and you pretty much always fall asleep and nap at the same time each day. I did not put you on a schedule until you were about three weeks but I have just been watching your cues and you sleep so well. The longest stretch you gave me this month was five hours which is wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful hours you have given me. This has made our transition to two kids so much smoother. You sleep in your DockATot each night in our room and take most naps in it as well. You have napped in the swing but spent most of your naps in the first two weeks on me which of course I loved. After those two weeks, you started napping in your crib or in our room for naps while I worked. You also napped swaddled which I am not used to. Bray liked to break out and you do to but we got a swaddle pack with you and you love it each night. You have put yourself to sleep drowsy multiple times, you just like to have my hand on your chest to know I am nearby.

You love it when your sister lays on the floor and plays with you during tummy time. You don't always love tummy time but when someone is down there with you and you get some entertainment you are beyond happy. You are so strong on your tummy just like your sister and you always try to "crawl". I think you will roll to your back early just like Brayden did. Strong willed girls I tell ya!

When you are starving
Being Hot
Went to your sisters dance recital
Met your future husband Heath
Met your Great Grandma
Had your newborn pictures taken
Celebrated Mothers Day, Mamas Birthday, and Bray's Birthday

More of my favorite pictures during your first month.

We love you Isla Rose! Thank you for completing our family.


When Brayden met Isla

I thought this deserved its own post because it really was the sweetest moment. I remember when we went to our first doctor's appointment at around 4.5 weeks they said it was too early to hear anything but they saw the fetal pole but told me to give it time. I, of course, went into a worried mode and did not have positive thoughts. I remember Kurt had to leave that night for reffing and I was an absolute mess. I was rocking Bray to sleep and I cried uncontrollably. I just knew that baby was not going to survive and we would soon be hit with a loss. Brayden ever so sweetly wiped away my tears and just let me rock her a good hour that night. Its like she knew I needed her to comfort me. It is kind of crazy to think I needed my three-year-old to do that for me but she did. She just kept telling me it was going to be ok and she loved me even though she had no idea what was going on. 

Weeks after that we passed the safe zone and told Brayden we were having a little baby. In that exact moment, she demanded a girl and nothing else. She was happy mommy was having a baby but was not going to be happy if it was a boy. At our gender reveal, we found out we were having a girl and Brayden was thrilled. 

Three was a hard stage for Brayden and with Kurt being gone for reffing and the pregnancy, it was difficult for us all. Family members were worried all along about how Brayden would do with the new baby but I knew it would be wonderful. And that it was.

Brayden has loved her sister since day one and that has not changed since. It really was such a special moment as a family of four watching Brayden ooh and ahh over her little sister. I cannot wait to watch their relationship grow. 

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